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89386 Jolly Gel 8 ml



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Jolly Gel
If you have a passion for shiny nails and for experiments in design, then you will definitely like our Jolly Gel.
This is a new series of ultra-glitter texture.
It is used both to cover nails and in internal designs during modeling.
Ideal for applying gradient techniques, as well as for covering the surface of an artificial nail (gel varnish, gel).
When combined with transparent modeling gels, does not disrupt the polymerization process.
6 unique shimmering shades will let your imagination run wild.
The gel is applied in one or two thin layers and stays firmly on the nails.
Quickly polymerizes in UV / LED lamps – 1-2 minutes
Masters say that in one jar of Jolly Gel there are more shimmering particles than stars in the sky.



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