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85421 PolyMix White 30 ml



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Acrylic – PolyMix gel from Atica (also called polygel, acrygel, acrylic) is a hybrid of gel and acrylic, combining the best qualities of both systems.
Volume: 30 g

Manufacturer: USA

It is easy to work with Atika polygel, as it has a fairly convenient layout, does not spread, is light in sawdust, and flexible, like a gel. The polygel polymerizes only in a lamp, which allows you to work with the material in air for a long time. Atica acrylic is also very comfortable to wear, as the lightness of the material allows it to be applied to damaged and sensitive nails.

Atika acrylic is not dissolved by removers. The material is removed by sawing.

Advantages of Atica PolyMix polygel:

Dense color for camouflage polygels.
Has no smell.
Does not cause burning in the lamp.
It is not felt on the nail plate.
Suitable for damaged and sensitive nails.
Allows you to strengthen and straighten thin, deformed nail plates.
Allows for restoration of corners.
It is possible to perform prosthetics on injured nails
Modeling of any shape
Extensions without forms


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