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85289 GEL -LY Cream Mist 30 ml



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Modeling gel-jelly JEL-LY


This is a godsend for any craftsman, from novice to professional.

Due to the ideal structure, the gel is easily spread and does not spread.


This material greatly facilitates the work of the nail artist without losing quality. With its help, the build-up time is significantly reduced.

The gel does not have a pronounced aroma, does not turn yellow during operation.


Masters claim that working with Atica camouflage gel is a pleasure.

3 shades are available.



– perfect consistency

-pigment saturation

-elasticity and strength

-low temperature (Will not bake when applied)

– tightly lies on the surface of the nail plate, hiding defects and irregularities of the nail.


Polymerization time in LED LAMP – 180 sec.

Gels are available in the following volume: 30 ml.

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