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85380 Prime Bond (дегидратор)15 ml



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Only by performing all stages of preparation of the nail plate before coating, you can achieve an ideal result and durability of the manicure.
One of the main stages is degreasing and drying the nails before applying the primer.
Dehydrator from the Atica company perfectly copes with the task and degreases the nail plate without damaging its natural appearance.
It also balances the pH of nails, providing optimal adhesion, does not contain dyes and fragrances.
Due to its safe composition, it does not cause irritation when it gets on the cuticle.
It completely evaporates from the nail plate, giving the nails a whitish shade, which signals that the nail is ready to apply a primer.
How to use: apply to the nail plate and wait 20-30 seconds before applying the base coat.
Volume: 15 ml.

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