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85297 Base Gel Building Milk-White (soak off) 30ml



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Builder Base Gel Atica is a base from the solid gel system. More rigid than the usual base.
It can be used not only to strengthen the nail plate, but also to increase the length.
All Atica bases are developed according to the innovative Cool formula – a system of cold gels. This means that they do not burn in the lamp and allow the manicure to be comfortable for both the master and the client.
Elastic, balance with the nail, do not peel off.
Thanks to the synthetic rubber in the composition, the material on the nails can easily withstand up to 4 weeks without shrinkage.
We are for healthy materials! Therefore, when creating bases, a unique 7 free formula was used, which does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalool, camphor and formaldehyde resins, xylitol, ethyltosylamide.
The base builder is available in three shades: transparent, Milk White and Baby Pink.
Available in a convenient 30 ml jar


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