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85296 Base Gel Flush pink (soak off) 15ml



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There are 7 shades of rubber camouflage bases that not only perfectly align the nail plate, but also hide all its flaws.
Pink Base (pink), Beige Base (beige), Cold Pink (cold pink), Flush Pink (warm pink) – four natural shades that are ideal for French and concealing visual defects, and also do not lose their pigment during polymerization.
They are worn for up to 4 weeks without chips and cracks due to the presence of synthetic rubber.
Milk base Milky – for those who like a delicate milky manicure, as well as for owners of a weak nail plate. Thanks to small fibers, the base provides reinforcement, strengthening the nail plate, builds a strong frame, works as a color stabilizer (background for colors).
Also available are camouflage bases with PEACH and PINK shimmer, which have two spectrums of diamond shine, will add a festive and radiant look to your manicure
LED LAMP polymerization time – 60 sec


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