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85277 Base Gel Beige (soak off) 30ml



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Camouflage base BEIGE BASE GEL
Rubber base with a gentle, natural shade
Perfectly masks all imperfections of the nail plate
It has a perfect shine
Unsurpassed in work
They are polymerized in UV/LED lamps
Available in 7.5 and 15 ml.
Do not bake. Does not turn yellow. Does not chip
Camouflage bases of Atica.
There are 7 shades of rubber camouflage bases that not only perfectly align the nail plate, but also hide all its flaws.
Pink Base (pink), Beige Base (beige), Cold Pink (cold pink), Flush Pink (warm pink) – four natural shades that are ideal for French and concealing visual defects, and also do not lose their pigment during polymerization.
They are worn for up to 4 weeks without chips and cracks due to the presence of synthetic rubber.


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