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83139 Top Gel (soak off) 15ml



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Top gel with a sticky layer Atica.
What is the most important thing about the coating?
Of course, it is a perfect mirror shine.
This is easily achieved with the help of Atica Top Gel, which protects the gel polish from chipping, does not fade and does not turn yellow.
Easy to apply, self-leveling, fixes the coating and guarantees good wearability.
Even after three weeks, the manicure will look flawless, as if it just came out of the salon!
The tool protects the color of the gel polish, which prevents the pigment from burning out in the sun or turning yellow.
It has a sticky layer that can be removed using lint-free wipes or a special product.
Available in two volumes: in a jar with a brush of 15 ml and in a jar without a brush – 30 ml.
The finish coating is polymerized both in the LED lamp for 30 seconds and in the UV lamp for 120 seconds.

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